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Facebook and Google PageRank

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1 Facebook and Google PageRank on Fri Nov 05, 2010 2:26 am


Google PageRank is the search engine’s algorithmic measurement ofthe overall popularity of a website.

PageRankis measured on a scalefrom zero to ten. New websites automatically geta “O” and the mostpopular websites can reach “10″

Facebookis the social media phenomena of 2009. It has a GooglePageRank of 9/10(9 on a scale of 10). Of the 683,110 websites trackedby thegooglepagerank.com,only 380 websites have a 9/10 ranking!Facebook’s popularity compares tothe likes of Apple.com, BBC.co.uk, Wikipedia.com and CNN.com. Facebookhas 150 million active users. It is the #5 website in the world for traffic. The percent of global Internet users who visit Facebook grows by 25% every 3 months.

Whyhas its user base expanded at such a pace?Isuggest it is simply theplace to be. It’s where people hang out; wherethey connect withlong-lost friends; and where they share thoughts,hopes and dreams.And,it’s addictive.

Why do you go there?


How to increase Page Rank in Google?


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