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WordPress for Business Bloggers Book

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1 WordPress for Business Bloggers Book on Sun Aug 15, 2010 7:38 am


WordPress for Business Bloggers Book

Publisher: Packt Publishing 2008 | 356 Pages | ISBN: 1847195326 | PDF | 11 MB
has been part of the web landscape for over a decade and has matured
into a ubiquitous mode of live communication. The power of blogging has
been recognized by the business community, and canny marketers view it
as a powerful weapon in their digital arsenal. Done well, blogging can
bring myriad benefits to businesses of any size. Done badly, it can
cause more harm than good. Central to the success of any business blog
is a thorough understanding of the technology. This book will give you
a competitive advantage by helping you to create an engaging,
effective, and well polished business blog.
WordPress allows users
to easily create dynamic blogs with many outstanding features. Its
versatility and ease of use has attracted a large, enthusiastic, and
helpful community of users, who have created a large and diverse
collection of plug-ins. It has various features that can help business
bloggers to boost their business strategy.
This book will take you
beyond the basics of WordPress, helping you take full advantage of its
rich and powerful features to transform your basic blog into a more
advanced and professional blog as quickly and painlessly as possible.
You will learn everything you need to know to extend and grow your
business blog. You will learn to mange the content including images and
videos, which will make your blog more appealing. You'll also learn how
to market and measure the success of your blog using Google web
applications and other popular tools. So, if want to transform your
business blog to give a kick start to your business this book is for
This book deals with using WordPress and third-party tools to
manage and optimize your blog, focusing on the business aspects of
blogging. It is not an introduction to WordPress and does not cover the
basics such as installation or how to post. Most readers will already
have an established WordPress blog or will at least be in the advanced
stages of planning one.

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