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Windows 7 - Alternative for Deep Freeze?

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1 Windows 7 - Alternative for Deep Freeze? on Sat Oct 06, 2012 12:47 am


Windows 7 - Alternative for Deep Freeze?

some of you might know the program "Deep Freeze", it's a program which
allows you to keep your system "frozen" or "unfrozen". I searched on
Google but couldn't find anything useful.


Here are a few alternative products I've found that have similar function and features:

I'll also include a couple of sites that offer a range of alternative options:
alternativeTo.net | Wikipedia

I would definitely recommend alternativeTo.net if you would like
programs with similar functions. Also, RollbackRx is in my opinion (as
well as a number of other users), very good.


the best alternative to deep freeze (and even better program in my opinion) is Shadow Defender - the easiest PC/laptop security and privacy protection tool
Try it out and you won't be disappointed.

Shadow protect that has been posted by JaidynM is a backup application,
not the one like deep freeze, where after reboot all changes are

Rollback is like windows built in system restore, with added options and functionality.


there are much better solutions available.

Clean Slate:
Not much has changed. It does allow you to restore on log-off but at
the expense of security. Any solution that works within the Windows
environment can't actually help you if windows itself crashes. With
Clean Slate, many users can easily boot into safe mode and then remove
the cleanslate directory and the entire system is hosed.

Deep Freeze
- It is a decent restore-on-reboot solution that is reliable 98% of the
time. Its Achilles Heel is that it does not Protect the MBR (very
first sector of the hard disk). Furthermore, its protection needs to be
completely turned off in order to do any updates. Sometimes this
process takes multiple reboots. During the updates, if anything goes
wrong - there is no recourse to go back to your previous baseline. This
is an important feature for me as I am in software testing.

Centurion Smart Shield
- Similar in technology to deep freeze. It too has the issue of not
being protected while performing windows and anti-virus updates.

Drive Vaccine
- This is probably the best of the lot, that is designed for public
PC's. It has a balance of features whereby users can restore on
restart, log-off, end-of-day, week - basically any fixed schedule.
Unlike Deep Freeze, Drive Vaccines protection is always on and always
protects the Master Boot Record. This means that admins can easily
back-out of any updates or any changes made to the system.

RollBack Rx
- Basically Drive Vaccine on steroids. It has even more features and
can do everything that all of the above can do. However, the cost is
too expensive for most educational institutions to consider.

I hope that the information above helps anyone looking for alternatives to Steady State and Windows System Restore.



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