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Publishing Blog Posts to Your Fan Page Wall

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After importing a blog the next step to take is making sure yourpostsare automatically being added to your Wall. In our last articleweprovided step-by-step details on how to import a blog to your Facebook Fan Pages. In this tutorial we will show you the final touches; and magically, blog posts will appear on your wall.Step 1: Go to your Facebook Fan Page

The first step is to find your Facebook Fan Page. Log into Facebook and scroll to the bottom. Then click on Advertising. On the next page click Pages and click or manage existing pages. If you are in unfamiliar territory I recommend reading How-to Guide to Create a Facebook Fan Page. Once on your Fan Page click Edit Page. This is located right under your logo on the top left. To edit your Fan Page click Edit Page.Step 2: Find Notes

On the next screen you will see many applications or settings and links to modify them. Scroll down until you find Notes. Click Application Settings.You might have to scroll down a little to find Notes.Step 3: Edit Note Settings

After clicking Application Settings a little pop-up will appear. It should say Edit Notes Settings. Click the tab that says Additional Permissions. Check Publish to Streams and then click Okay.Publishing to streams will display your blog posts on the Wall.Step 4: Presto!

Justlike magic your blog posts will now appear on the Facebook FanPageWall. Well, they won’t appear right away. If everything issetupproperly the next time you add an article it should appear withina fewhours.Example of blog post appearing on a Facebook Fan Page Wall.Conclusion

This concludes importing a blog to your Fan Page. Your fan base will be updated when posts are added to your blog

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