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Twitteris a social networking and micro-bloggingservice that allows anyone to'tweet' an update to the world. Thesetweets come in the form of a textpost of 140 characters or less. Thereare a number of ways in which youcan receive Twitter updates. Post yourupdates whenever you like, andfollow others to see what they are doing,too. If you'd like to displayyour updates on MySpace, Facebook, yourblog, or other webpages, hereare the instructions


Signintoyour account at Twitter.com. If you don't already have anaccount,simply click to join. It's a very quick signup process to joinTwitter

Click'Settings'at the top right. The first tab that should default is'Account'. Scrolldown to the box that looks for entry of 'More InfoURL:' If you have ahomepage or blog, you are encouraged to enter thathere

Rightunderneaththat entry is a link that says this: '(You can also addTwitter to yoursite here).' Click this link. An even easier way to gethere is to visithttp://twitter.com/badges

Onthispage you will see options to add to MySpace, Facebook, Blogger,Typepad,or other. Click the radio button of your choice and you willbepresented with additional options to customize, or simple code toenter

Copyandpaste your code to your page of choice and there ya go! Now youandothers can see your Twitter updates and click to follow you onTwitteras well


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