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Make a strong first impression – it might be your only one..

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“I needed a resume
that was better than that of hundreds of other candidates. CleanTechies
got the most out of my resume and cover letter and allowed me to start
my career in CleanTech.”

Brian Somers, Sungevity

The turn of phrase that
pricks a recruiter’s ear. The key words that propel you to the front of
a long line of job-seekers. The right details, in the right place, that
set you apart from the pack. Seeking a job in the green economy
requires more than just ambition, a suitable background, and
transferable skills – you need a resume that defines you as the ideal
candidate, the one your potential employer can’t live without.

Expert advice that sets you apart
Writing a resume may seem like a personal endeavor. After all, you know
your background and skills best – you’re the one who’s put in the
years of hard work and garnered the accomplishments that prove your
abilities. You yourself are the most qualified to tell your story. But
think about this: Are you the best person to tell your story in a nutshell, in the tight, vibrant format that will stand out from hundreds of other stories and get your foot in the door?
An outstanding resume writer can transform your resume from a
lackluster recounting of names and dates into a lively, impressive
narrative that tells recruiters exactly who you are, what you’ve
accomplished, and what you can bring to the table. With extensive
resume-writing experience in industries including clean technology,
finance, IT, sales, marketing, science, law, and others, CleanTechies’
professional resume writers will work with you to identify the best of
your experiences, skills, and accomplishments and communicate them in a
style and format designed to get you attention and set you apart.

Don’t miss your chance!
Your resume is your first impression – and, as they say, you don’t get
a second chance to make one. A resume can’t get you a job, but it can get you an interview, and it can lay the foundation for securing the position and salary you deserve.

source : http://cleantechies.com/professional-resume-writing-services/first-impression/

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