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Arabic Grammer

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1 Arabic Grammer on Tue Aug 17, 2010 6:21 pm

Arabic Grammar

You can learn the grammar of a language in different ways:

1. Contact with native speakers, listening to the radio, watching television,
reading magazines
... We all have an inborn mechanism for decoding
and making sense of foreign languages; this is how we learned our mother tongue
as a baby. By immersion in the foreign language and culture you should
be able to pick up any language over a long period of time. When you acquire
a language in this way, you learn the rules of the language (or grammar) just
like native speakers do. You may not know the names of all the tenses,
but you know how and when to use them.

2. Exercise practice. There are many types of excercises
you can do to learn the grammar of a language. You can write out the exercises
or repeat them orally (drills). The repetition of key structures helps
you to remember them. There are also sentence completion, substitution
and transformation exercises which allow you to manipulate the language and
gain a greater understanding of how it works.

3. Studying a grammar designed for learners of the language.
You need to find a book that meets your needs, with clear explanations of the
rules and useful examples. This approach appeals to those who enjoy a
logical and rational way of learning. In this way, you can learn how to
form grammatically correct phrases, utterances and sentences, and when it is
appropriate to use them. Unfortunately, the rules of formation and use
are sometimes very complicated, and only really useful when you have the time
to use them e.g. when writing.

4. Working out the grammar yourself. For those of you who
like a challenge you can take a short phrase or text and try to work out the
rules yourself. It is not as difficult as it seems, especially if you have a
tutor to help you. You may also be surprised to find that some of the rules
in your grammar book are only over-simplifications of the real rules. You can
use a concordancer, a computer programme to help you analyse texts more easily.
This approach is mainly recommended for students of linguistics and potential
language teachers, to help them gain a deeper insight into syntactic complexity
and the real rules of use.

more ........


Introduction to Arabic Grammar

How we Study Grammar

Arabic grammar is centered around a single topic;
grammatical inflection. Anything studied in the language is studied only
because it relates to this issue. It is a feat of staggering genius on the part
of medieval grammarians that almost all aspects of the language are covered
just by concentrating on the issue of grammatical inflection. We start with
this topic, and it branches out to cover the entire language.

The following is a breakdown of how we approach and study
grammar. This approach allows us to cover all the core issues.

some basics

– a look at the different types of words in the language and how they’re
divided and categorized

phrases – a close look at some of the more
common phrasal structures, serving to introduce some key concepts and

sentences – a look at the different types of
sentences as preparation for more advanced topics

grammatical inflection – the study of
what grammatical inflection is, how it works, and the different grammatical states

– a deep look at those words in the language that inflect and those that do not

and diptotes – the study of how grammatical states
are represented on different types of words that do inflect

the grammatical states –
the study of each grammatical state and when it is used

nominal sentences – this topic covers about
30% of the grammatical states

verbal sentences and adverbs – this topic covers about 20% of the
grammatical states

other verbal associates (circumstantial adverb, exclusion, disambiguation) – this topic
covers about 10% of the grammatical states

the genitival states – this topic covers about 5%
of the grammatical states

grammatical states of verbs
– this topic covers about 30% of the grammatical states

grammatical extension –
this topic concludes the discussion on grammatical states

side topics and advanced





The rest of this tutorial gives some introductory data
dealing with the different types of words, phrases, and sentences in the
language. This paves the way for the study of further topics and helps put
further tutorials into perspective. But one must realize that an essential part
of learning the grammar of any language is practicing through reading. In order
to learn Arabic grammar correctly,
theory must be supplemented by reading texts with and without vowels in front
of a teacher. This can only be achieved through Arabic courses such as the Shariah


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