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Employment Interview Tips

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1 Employment Interview Tips on Tue Aug 17, 2010 8:07 am


Employment Interview Tips

Whether you
are changing careers, applying for a better position or having an employment
interview for another reason, you must impress the potential employer in
order to be asked to join the employer's team. Presenting yourself at your
very best during the interview can advance your career but leaving a bad
impression ensures you'll not be asked for a second interview or be able to
secure a job offer.

Prepare for
the interview by learning as much about the employer as possible. Have
knowledge of products, locations and any current events that involve that
business. This lets the interviewer know that you cared enough to
investigate the company and this indicates that you truly want the job. Any
delicate issues about the company should not be discussed unless you are
asked for your opinion on these issues.

what to wear to the interview well in advance. Be sure your attire is neat,
clean, stylish and well tailored. Appear well groomed and neat. Don't wear
fragrances or flashy jewelry. Don’t overdress like you are going to a dinner
party. Keep it professional.

meeting the person(s) conducting the interview, remember to smile. Even
though you may be feeling stressed, a big, friendly smile can not only make
the potential employer feel that you are warm and caring but it can also
help you relax and remain calm. Shake hands with a firm, yet not
overbearing, handshake. Look your potential employer in the eye and
especially when engaging in conversation.

Speak in a
clear voice, using proper grammar. Be open and honest with the person(s)
interviewing you for the career position. It isn't wise to inflate facts or
overstate skills; the potential employer will probably check the information
before the hiring process is complete and if you were not honest, you can be
sure you'll not get the job.

Near the
end of the interview, be prepared to ask at least one or two questions about
the position. This, again, makes you sound interested and concerned. Thank
everyone that was involved in the interview. Be sure to get a business card
so that you have address and other company information. As you leave the
interview, make sure you know and understand when and how the employer will
reach their decision. Should you call them back or will they call you? Don’t
be too pushy about this, only ask a simple question about further inquiry
and let it rest.

After you
return home, take time to compose a thank-you letter. If the candidate has
not been determined by the time the thank-you letter arrives, this could be
the clincher to advancing your career with the reminder that you are caring,
diligent and skilled person.

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